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Packaged Boiler : Fire Tube

S/NName of ProjectLocation of Delivery PointClientWork VolumeCompleted Date
1Nissinmas-Boiler type KMH-16ACikarangIHI Corportion9,600kg/hrsteamApr-94
2PLN-Boiler type KMH-20AMuarakarangIHI Corportion10,000kg/hrsteamJul-94
3Canvas-Boiler type KMH-06ASJakartaIHI Corportion3,000kg/hrsteamDec-94
4MSPH-Boiler KMH-05A (S)YogyakartaIHI Corportion2,500kg/hrsteamFeb-95
5Mitsubishi-Boiler KMS-06A(S)TangerangMHI/ IHI3,600kg/hrsteamAug-95
6Seiwa-Boiler type KMH-06A(S)CibitungIHI Corportion3,600kg/hrsteamAug-95
7Nittoboseki-Boiler KMH-24A(S)Wuxi-ChinaIHI Corportion14,600kg/hrsteamAug-96
8Inkali Boiler KMH-04A(S)KerawangIHI Corporation2,500kg/hrsteamDec-97
9PT. Seiwa Boiler Type KMS-05AJakartaIBK/PSM2,500kg/hrsteamFeb-02

Packaged Boiler : Water Tube

S/NName of ProjectLocation of Delivery PointClientWork VolumeCompleted Date
1SMI-Boiler type SCM 301SMerakIHI Corporation25,000kg/hrsteamOct-95
2AOC-Boiler type SCM 252Saudi ArabiaIHI Corporation40,000kg/hrsteamMay-96
3Nitto Boseki-Boiler type WSCM 100STaiwanIHI Corporation1,960kg/hrsteamJul-96
4Nisshoku/AAi-Boiler SCM 252AAnyerMHI14,500kg/hrsteamNov-96
5Sumi Rubber-Boiler type SCM 352CikampekIHI Corporation15,000kg/hrsteamNov-96
6Asahimas-Boiler type SCM 352AnyerIHI Corporation45,000kg/hrsteamFeb-97
7Sonatrach-Boiler type SCM 201AlgeriaIHI Corporation19,000kg/hrsteamApr-97
8Tifico-Boiler type SCM 201TangerangIHI Corporation19,000kg/hrsteamApr-97
9Sony-Boiler type WSCF 250JapanIHI Corporation12,400kg/hrsteamJun-97
10Cikarang Esterindo I/P Steam DrumCikarangStork40,000kg/hrsteamDec-98
11Showa Denko-Boiler type SCM 301SMerakIHI Corporation20,000kg/hrsteamJan-98
12SMI-Boiler type SCM 502SMerakIHI Corporation56,000kg/hrsteamAug-98
13AOC-Boiler type SCM 252Saudi ArabiaIHI Corporation40,000kg/hrsteamDec-98
14Showa Denko-BoilerMerakIHI Corporation20,000kg/hrsteamDec-98
15Maintenance works type SCM-160MCikampekPT. Sumi Rubber15,000kg/hrsteamFeb-99
16Boiler-Home industryWest JavaPT. Koneba100kg/hrsteamJul-99
17MHI/KPI Project type SC-200-SEEast KalimantanIHI Corporation60,000kg/hrsteamNov-00
18Bridgestone Boiler Type SCM-160Cikarang, JakartaIBK15,000/hrsteamFeb-02
19PT. Sumi Rubber Boiler SCM-160ECikampekIBK15,000kg/hrsteamAug-02
20Seraya Burner ProjectSeraya, SingaporeIHI Corporation -Aug-03
21PT. Satomo Boiler Type SCM-133JakartaIBK12,000kg/hrsteamFeb-05

Boiler Components

S/NName of ProjectLocation of Delivery PointClientWork VolumeCompleted Date
1Boiler Pressure Part for for Tanjung Bin johorJohor - MalaysiaIHI Corporation1,568Feb-05
2Boiler Pressure Part for Kashima P/SJapanIHI Corporation302Apr-06
3Boiler Pressure Part for IG-2 ProjectJapanIHI Corporation240May-06
4Boiler Pressure Part for OPPD ProjectNebraska City U.S.AIHI Corporation595Aug-06
5Boiler Pressure Part for Algeria  Sonatrach ProjectAlgeriaIHI Corporation470Jan-07
6Tanks for Algeria Sonatrach ProjectAlgeriaIHI Corporation5Mar-07
7Throat Rings for Jimah ProjectMalaysiaIHI Corporation53Aug-07
8Boiler Pressure Parts for PPPP Project (LS Power)United StateIHI Corporation1,363Sep-07
9Sublet Fabrication of Boiler Pressure Parts and Additional Superheater LoopsIndonesiaBabcock Wilcox Asia26Dec-07
10Boiler Pressure Parts for MC-ShiohamaJapanIHI Corporation153Dec-07
11Boiler Pressure Parts for Blue Water Project  (Unit 1)AustraliaIHI Corporation548Dec-07
12Boiler Pressure Parts for Jimah ProjectMalaysiaIHI Corporation2,016Mar-08
13Boiler Pressure Parts for Blue Water Project  (Unit 2)AustraliaIHI Corporation548May-08
14Boiler Pressure Parts for Maizuru ProjectJapanIHI Corporation1,186Mar-09
15Boiler Pressure Parts for SSAA ProjectMalaysiaIHI Corporation156Apr-09
16Re-tubing Suralaya for Boiler Unit 4SuralayaBabcock & Wilcox Asia48May-09
17Boiler Pressure Parts for SCPP ProjectUnited StateIHI Corporation1,278Sep-09
18Boiler Pressure Parts for Luenen ProjectGermanyIHI Corporation731Jul-10
19Boiler Pressure Parts for KPS ProjectThailandTakuma Co.,Ltd98May-11
20Boiler Pressure Parts & Attachment for PPS ProjectCambodiaTakuma Co., Ltd104Sep-11
21Furnace Water Wall Tube & Attachment for Jorf Lasfar ProjectMoroccoIHI Corporation8On Going
22Boiler Pressure Parts & Attachment for TUSM ProjectThailandTakuma Co,. Ltd120On Going
23Boiler Pressure Parts & Attachment for UFIC ProjectThailandTakuma Co., Ltd120On Going
24Harp for Kashima HRSG ProjectJapanIHI Corporation1,025On Going
25Boiler PP F/ Yeonghcung 60 H ProjectSouth KoreaIHI Corporation2,900On Going

Boiler Pressure and Piping




18,000 Ton per year (existing ave) and further expansion become 20,000 Ton



Under Roof Workshop

19,827 m2 could cover all activities for fabrication of boiler pressure part



CNC Cutting Machine, NC Sawing, Drilling Machine, Bending & Rolling Machine, Horizontal Boring & Mailling Machine, Ringer Crane Cap 150 Ton shop for erection at year, private jetty (Width : 50m x depth : 7m)

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