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Boiler Components

S/NName of ProjectLocation of Delivery PointClientWork VolumeCompleted Date
1Boiler Pressure Part for for Tanjung Bin johorJohor - MalaysiaIHI Corporation1,568Feb-05
2Boiler Pressure Part for Kashima P/SJapanIHI Corporation302Apr-06
3Boiler Pressure Part for IG-2 ProjectJapanIHI Corporation240May-06
4Boiler Pressure Part for OPPD ProjectNebraska City U.S.AIHI Corporation595Aug-06
5Boiler Pressure Part for Algeria  Sonatrach ProjectAlgeriaIHI Corporation470Jan-07
6Tanks for Algeria Sonatrach ProjectAlgeriaIHI Corporation5Mar-07
7Throat Rings for Jimah ProjectMalaysiaIHI Corporation53Aug-07
8Boiler Pressure Parts for PPPP Project (LS Power)United StateIHI Corporation1,363Sep-07
9Sublet Fabrication of Boiler Pressure Parts and Additional Superheater LoopsIndonesiaBabcock Wilcox Asia26Dec-07
10Boiler Pressure Parts for MC-ShiohamaJapanIHI Corporation153Dec-07
11Boiler Pressure Parts for Blue Water Project  (Unit 1)AustraliaIHI Corporation548Dec-07
12Boiler Pressure Parts for Jimah ProjectMalaysiaIHI Corporation2,016Mar-08
13Boiler Pressure Parts for Blue Water Project  (Unit 2)AustraliaIHI Corporation548May-08
14Boiler Pressure Parts for Maizuru ProjectJapanIHI Corporation1,186Mar-09
15Boiler Pressure Parts for SSAA ProjectMalaysiaIHI Corporation156Apr-09
16Re-tubing Suralaya for Boiler Unit 4SuralayaBabcock & Wilcox Asia48May-09
17Boiler Pressure Parts for SCPP ProjectUnited StateIHI Corporation1,278Sep-09
18Boiler Pressure Parts for Luenen ProjectGermanyIHI Corporation731Jul-10
19Boiler Pressure Parts for KPS ProjectThailandTakuma Co.,Ltd98May-11
20Boiler Pressure Parts & Attachment for PPS ProjectCambodiaTakuma Co., Ltd104Sep-11
21Furnace Water Wall Tube & Attachment for Jorf Lasfar ProjectMoroccoIHI Corporation8On Going
22Boiler Pressure Parts & Attachment for TUSM ProjectThailandTakuma Co,. Ltd120On Going
23Boiler Pressure Parts & Attachment for UFIC ProjectThailandTakuma Co., Ltd120On Going
24Harp for Kashima HRSG ProjectJapanIHI Corporation1,025On Going
25Boiler PP F/ Yeonghcung 60 H ProjectSouth KoreaIHI Corporation2,900On Going